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Over a decade ago, Aleise Matheson and Sharon Parker took their diverse skill sets, their desire to be innovative and their tenacity to build something for themselves, and created HireUs4YourBusiness.  Since that time, countless clients have raved about their personal touchcreative solutions, attention to detail, and enthusiastic partnership for success.  Aleise and Sharon have spent 30+ years creating marketing plans; working public relations angles; designing websites, logos and consistent branding; booking appointments and travel; working sales calls; and planning events - from inception to celebration. 


Aleise, Sharon and the team would love to chat, learn about your business and see how HireUs4YourBusiness’ White Glove Concierge Service can help your business grow!


Sharon has a Bachelor’s of Science in Advertising from the University of Florida. She has focused on advertising, marketing, graphic design, sales, and executive assistant services.  She thrives on customer service and is happiest on a client call or brainstorming a creative solution to a marketing challenge.


With a Bachelor’s of Arts from Dartmouth College, Aleise has spent her career working with businesses from start-ups to established companies with a national market.  Her knowledge of high-tech cloud-based business solutions, attention to detail and keen bookkeeping skills are a tremendous asset to our clients.





Sharon and Aleise have helped my business in many ways. They've taken some critical admin, accounting, sales, and marketing off my plate so I can focus on my core work, and their responsiveness at all hours is amazing. I completely trust them to be the face of my business with many clients, which they do with warmth and friendliness. But at the same time, Sharon and Aleise fight hard for my interests and are tough negotiators on my behalf. I highly recommend HireUs4YourBusiness.

Andrew Winston

Best-selling author and strategy consultant


I can't say enough about the incredible professionalism, integrity, and attention to detail that HireUs4YourBusiness has brought to my business. From the details of administrative tasks, such as travel and invoicing, to more creative activities such as the development of collateral and email promotions, to even finding and booking a private plane that maximized my time and profit, Aleise and Sharon have exceeded all of my expectations and consistently reinforced the strong customer-facing service that differentiates my brand. As a 30 year veteran of the services industry I know that excellence is always built on a foundation of attention to detail. This is where HireUs4YourBusiness excels and surpasses any other contract administrative service. With HireUs4YourBusiness I feel as though I have a world class team watching my back 24/7, allowing me to do what I do best, knowing that they will take care of the rest.

Thomas Koulopoulos

Chairman, Delphi Group


Aleise and Sharon have made a tremendous impact on my business. They were able to get my e-commerce website up and running in no time.  Aleise was able to steer me in a direction that not only captured my vision for my brand but utilized the tools and images that best expressed the functionality of my products. This was accomplished while keeping my budget in mind. Their style of communication is upbeat, friendly yet professional and concise. They never ran out of patience even when some troubleshooting was needed. I was impressed with how knowledgeable Aleise was and her ability to navigate through a social media (for me) nightmare! Their rates are fair and their payment plan is flexible. I highly recommend HireUs4YourBusiness and I’m looking forward to working with them in the future!

Patrice G. Coleman

Patrice G. Coleman Enterprises, LLC

Image Crafters

DaBlot Beauty


I cannot say enough about HireUs4YourBusiness, which was referred to me by one of their other clients. I was trying to build a new business and was complaining about how I was getting bogged down in minutia. My friend suggested I call Aleise and Sharon. It has been six months now, and I don’t know what I ever did without them! They have helped me with strategy, negotiations, proposals, and the activities I hate to do (like travel arrangements and invoicing). They keep me on track in terms of executing our plans. They have ideas that I never would have had on my own. They are fearless when working with potential and current clients, and have already paid for themselves. They are really good at training me to “let go” and let them handle things I’d never thought to outsource to a team. I really cannot imagine trying to do this without them! Consider giving them a call for a preliminary conversation.

Dr. Judith Glick-Smith, President and CEO

MentorFactor, Inc.


HireUs4YourBusiness has worked with Clover Hill High School for the past several years coordinating our athletics programs. They create a great product for us that is a fund generator for the athletic department. There is minimal work on the school’s end because HireUs4YourBusiness does most of the leg work. They are very professional and accessible. I know that I can leave this task to HireUs4YourBusiness and I will get an excellent and professional looking product that our school can be proud of.

David Zyglocke, Activities Director

Clover Hill High School


I love the work that these ladies do for our business. They work very hard, are very knowledgeable, technologically proficient, and very quick to respond. Whenever I need something done they are right there to do whatever is needed to help. I appreciate all that they have done and will continue to use them to help my business grow!

Kathy Nelson, Owner

Rose & Sword Academy of Irish Dance


HireUs is amazing! They are timely, thorough, and understanding. They will ask what you what you like, give you suggestions if you don't know what you want, and work with you on any ideas you have. Nothing is impossible with HireUs. You can't go wrong working with them. HireUs will deliver!

 Dr. Fran Coleman, Assistant Professor of Music Industry, Director of Voice/Choral Program
Francis Marion University


Great creativity and turn around time on all business needs. Created a fabulous website for us!

Laurie Van Cleve, Director of Marketing & Special Events

Celebrations at the Reservoir and Celebrations Encore!


HireUs4YourBusiness was instrumental in the success of our brand new dance studio. From concept, to planning, to execution, Aleise and her company worked tirelessly to ensure Heart of Ireland was the premier Irish dance studio in Central Virginia.  Thank you so much for making my dream a reality!

Andrea McCarney, Owner

Heart of Ireland School, LLC


Since I started using HireUs4YourBusiness, MY business has improved!  Not only is their work quality, Sharon has lessened my workload, and as a small business owner, that is priceless.  She even handles my printing!  Hiring them to do my marketing work was one of the best decisions I've ever made for my company!

Carrie Hughes, Owner/Director

Chesterfield Dance Center, LLC

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